Back by popular demand-Past Forward has reprinted My Childhood in the Bush.

My Childhood in the Bush: Growing up in Brent on the CNR in Algonquin Park (1913-1919)

By Rebecca Atkins with Paul and Doug Mackey
48 pages/8.5 x 7.5/Over 60 photographs, maps. and illustrations

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People thought nine-year-old Rebecca was a “wild animal” when she moved to town. For six years she had lived in the railway village of Brent in Algonquin Park in a boxcar beside the tracks. Her vivid memories of those years provide insight into her isolated but fulfilling life there. Her individual story reflects Canada’s struggle for its own identity in the 1900s.

Told in her own voice and supported by remarkable photographs of the era, Rebecca’s story is a must read for anyone interested in railways, Algonquin Park, or Canadian history in general...More


Nicely written, attractively designed, and wonderfully Illustrated.- The Beaver -

An historical treat...a good read and a pleasure to look at for both young and older readers. 
- Rosalie Little, North Bay Nugget -

A wonderful portrayal - Algonquin Park Archivist C Woodley -

The excellent photographs and illustrations as well as the clarity of the writing add significantly to the book’s appeal not only for children but also for adults.-Eleanor Kidd in the Huntsville Weekender (Huntsville Forester)- (Full review)

As Atkins recalls her childhood, her voice speaks from both the present and the past. Her simple and often funny details are engaging and will appeal to younger readers. Her story also speaks to older audiences, and there is a sense that she is recalling details in the present. At times, it feels as though you are sitting with Rebecca and going through her photographs as she tells her story. 
- Sue Lalonde in The Muskokan-(Full review)

[$12:95 CAN
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