Narration and Selected Stills from the Video

Logging by Rail in Algonquin Park

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When the logs arrived at the skidway men piled them using a team of horses and a decking line. Prior to Christmas, when the skidding was complete, company scalers measured the logs to record the seasons cut. Itinerant government scalers also measured to determine provincial fees.
After Christmas, when the ground and lake were frozen solid, the hauling season began and logs were taken on sleighs to log dumps adjacent to the railway. The hauling sleighs were in two sections joined by cross chains to allow flexibility on the rough roads. Frozen logs were broken up in preparation for the haul.
A decking line (or chain) and horse power were used to load the sleighs. The logs were rolled up skids onto the sleigh., with the assistance of two men with peaveys.
The logs were hauled over long roads to the edge of Tea Lake. The man with the shovel is a "chickadee" who maintained the road by filling holes, and removing debris. On steep hills "sandpipers" spread hot sand on the road to slow down the sleighs.

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