Narration and Selected Stills from the Video

Logging by Rail in Algonquin Park

Page 4.

Here teamsters lead their teams of horses, out for the days work. Often as many as 200 horses were needed. Teams were hired locally, where possible, but additional horses were brought in by boxcar load from western Canada.
Sawyers used traditional crosscut saws and axes since chain saws were not available until after the second world war, Hear (see video) the head sawyer selects a beautiful yellow birch , taps it to make sure it is solid, establishes the direction of fall and undercuts it to make it fall in that direction.
His sawyers fell the tree with their crosscut saw. As the sawyers worked, teams of trail cutters slashed brush in the work area, trimed fallen trees and cut trails to the local skidway.
After the tree is felled, it is measured and bucked into lengths selected by the head sawyer. The teamster hooked tongs onto the log and pulled it to the skidway. (to view a video clip click here)

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