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Logging by Rail in Algonquin Park

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horse and buggy Fassett, Quebec,  was a thriving town of 1,500 people when the company decided to relocate.
sawmill workers In Ontario, near North Bay, a local lumberman Bill Foster (shown on the left) established a small operation called "Foster's Mill" about 40 kilometres south east of North Bay on the Canadian National Railroad's Algonquin Route.
sawmill under construction The Fassett Lumber Corporation, now under the leadership of Vice President and  Managing Director Sidney J. Staniforth purchased the site and called it "Fossmill". By August 1924 Fossmill was a hive of activity as the, railway, mill, boarding house, company store, office and town site were established. 
shay logging railroad/railway locomotive Mill equipment and railway rolling stock were moved from Fassett to Fossmill. With the Quebec mill closed  many employees reluctantly relocated to this isolated Wasi River valley.

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