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Logging by Rail in Algonquin Park

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Shay logging railroad/railway locomotive


The Fassett Lumber Corporation's Fossmill, Ontario Operation circa. 1930


forest in winter In 1924 the Highlands of north west Algonquin Provincial Park were home to a vast, untouched hardwood forest. Too heavy to float on the river drive, the trees were ignored during the first wave of logging. Around this time, the Fassett Lumber Company, one of the first to log hardwoods by rail in eastern Canada, was looking for new forests to exploit.
lumber mill In 1905, Fassett Lumber established a large operation in Fassett, Quebec, on the north shore of the Ottawa river. They shipped their lumber from their headquarters on the Canadian Pacific Railroad and down the Ottawa River by barge.
Shay logging railroad/railway locomotive beside log pile. Their Salmon River and Northern Railroad allowed them to penetrate deeply into the Laurentians, but by 1924 they had depleted their limits.



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