A Chance to Reconnect

From the North Bay Area Museum Newsletter

Author’s night at the North Bay Area Museum, resembled more of a family reunion than a history lecture. Over twenty people attended the slide show presentation by Doug Mackey on Thursday September 24, 1999. Doug was at the Museum to share the stories of his new book “The Fossmill Story” Published by Past Forward Heritage of Powassan, the book catalogues the lives of a railway lumber town in the early 20th century.

Doug and his son Paul interviewed over 50 former residents of Fossmill and Kiosk. A few of whom attended the evening’s lecture were able to supplement his stories. The father and son team also researched newspaper articles, and archival materials detailing information on Chisholm Township, the Trussler Bros. In Trout Creek, Standard Chemical Plant in South River and our own J. R. Booth.

Astrid Taim wrote in a book review for the Almaguin News, “It is not just a book for history aficionados, rail buffs or industry supporters, it has appeal for anyone who likes a ‘good read’.”

“I learned more about my father here tonight than I did from my family history!” Diane Donahue exclaimed. Diane and her family used to live in Kiosk and remembers the stories found in the Fossmill book vividly. In Fact, Diane and her sister found themselves at the lecture seated beside their old neighbor from Kiosk that they had not seen in twenty years. 

The Fossmill Story is available at the Museum gift shop and Gulliver’s Books and Toys on Main Street.

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