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June 9, 2000

Mattawa area holds many heritage opportunities

The Mattawa and District Museum is a picturesque building overlooking the Ottawa
River and the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec.

There are many outstanding opportunities in the Mattawa area where you can experience some of the history touched on last week. Most Mattawa residents are aware of and have participated in many of these activities, but many in the wider Community Voices area have not. The following are some of these opportunities. For information not included below, contact the Mattawa Travel Information Centre at (705) 744-0222 or call the site of the activity itself.

The Mattawa and District Museum

The museum is located just across the bridge on Mattawa’s main street (Hwy 533) on Explorer's Point. It has a wide variety of artifacts and is open from 11-7 from Friday through Sunday in June, and more often throughout the summer. There is no entrance fee but there is a donation box. For further information call the museum curator Peter Cianfarani at (705) 744-1287, or the museum at (705) 744-5495. 

The Timber Train

The Timber Train takes the 71/2 hour round trip daily from Mattawa to Temiscaming, Quebec from June 2 to October 14. The train crosses the Ottawa River to Quebec and travels on high ground overlooking the Ottawa River on the way to Temiscaming. An on board guide points out the natural and cultural heritage sites along the way. Reference is made to the old "Moccasin Line" Colonization Road which was flooded when the Le Cave dam was built. Buy a souvenir copy of the book The Moccasin Line for some interesting reading on the train.

The trip includes a 3 hour stop at Temiscaming and an opportunity to choose from several tour options. Four tours (historical, industrial, ecological and Algonquin Heritage) and a shuttle bus to the town centre give you a chance to experience Temiscaming. Prices vary according to the season and are very economical in June. (sorry this train is no longer running)

The Voyageur Heritage Centre

Situated just inside the Samuel de Champlain Park, before the pay station, this centre on Voyageur history features a 39-foot birch bark canoe like the ones used to carry huge loads of furs. Various interactive displays provide an excellent understanding of Voyageur life. There is no entrance fee. For information phone (705) 744-2276.

The Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

This 2500 hundred hectare park is situated on highway 17, 13 km from Mattawa and 40 km from North Bay. The park is situated on the Mattawa River Park, which runs from the west end of Trout Lake to the east side of the Samuel de Champlain Park. 

The Samuel de Champlain Park has several trails where our natural heritage can be experienced, and there are various other programs providing a wide range of family activities. Canoeists can use the Mattawa River independent of the park. An excellent map "The Mattawa Heritage River Map" is available from local outlets including the Samuel de Champlain Park store. (705) 744-2276.

The Canadian Ecology Centre (CEC)

The CEC is rapidly developing into an influential and effective force in a variety of areas, many of which emphasize our natural and cultural heritage. Their setting in the Samuel de Champlain Park and the professional, educational and recreational activities provided are conducive to a high level of learning. Many school tours have already begun. Visitors can stay in one of 19 duplex cabins and next summer the main centre will accommodate 100 additional people and will dine up to 185. There will be an eco-store and gallery, all of which will make for the best possible situation to participate in a positive heritage experience. French language programs are being developed. Space allows for only a short listing of their activities. Their Voyageur Adventure Tour involves exploring the Mattawa River in a 26 foot North canoe. There is also a 2 hour cruise in tandem canoes. Several Canadore College Artsperience courses have been, and will be, provided in the future. Information is available on the fur trade, logging camp life, Native and Voyageur life, etc. The CEC has all of the most advanced technology for use by participants. 1-888-747-7577 or (705) 744-1715.

The Mattawa River North Trail System

The Mattawa River North Multiple Use Trail Map is another invaluable resource for hikers, snowshoers, skiers and people using horses, dogsleds or mechanized vehicles in the area north of the Mattawa River. The map outlines a variety of wide-ranging locations on old trails from the past that have been redeveloped. The Mattawa and Area Forestry Committee for Economic Development is one of many key players in the development of both of the maps above. They are also behind a definitive tourism and heritage map, pending in 2001. All of these maps have been developed by Wilson Steer, who is the Education and Research Director at the Canadian Ecology Centre. (705) 744-1715.

Mattawa Voyageur Days

Mattawa's annual Voyageur Days will take place July 27 to the 31st, with many heritage activities included. The North Bay to Mattawa Canoe Race will take place on Saturday July 29th as a part of this event. (705) 744-0222.

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