Mystery train wreck on the CPR

Reproduced below is an interesting series of photographs taken by Mr. George T. Logan of a train wreck on the Canadian Pacific Railway. George Logan was an engineer in the saw mill at Fossmill, Ontario and was an avid amateur photographer. They where sent to Past Forward by his wife Patricia Logan. It was originally hoped that these photos were of the train wreck at Fossmill in 1934 but alas they are not. We thought they where a fascinating series of photos so we are posting them here for your enjoyment. Can anyone identify the location and year of this wreck? Does anyone know more about the history of the locomotive (#2713).

Read comments from John Read, Earl Roberts, Chris Andersen, Len Mcanulty, and Larry Buchan and  Ray State from Nottingham, England

The numbers and comments are taken from the back of the photos and are from George Logan. Number seven is missing. The photos where originally sent to George’s cousin in England. When she passed away her daughter found the photos and the address of Fossmill and Sturgeon Falls. She sent photos to both address and the one sent to Fossmill (which no longer exists) has disappeared.  

No. 2

Looking east. The big Mogul laying on it's side with a full head of steam on - it plowed the ballast up for over fifty feet - and the coal tender laying across the track. 

(locomotive #2713)


No. 3

Looking south. You get a full view of the 150 TON engine laying on it's side.


No. 4

Looking north. you see the cab and the trucks of the coal tender.


No. 5

At left the coal tender - right one of the all steel through baggage cars. Some of the broken rails and the siding going down to the dock

No. 6

The workmen arrive in time to put out odd fires on the ties. Another all steel baggage car laying across the siding tracks.

No. 8

The last "close-up" just as the police arrive forbidding taking anymore "close-up" snaps

No. 9

Looking north west X showing the switch that caused the snaps to be taken and some children sitting on the fence at the road crossing.

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