Voices From The Past: Heritage Perspectives 1

Columns by Doug Mackey
128 pages/7.5 x 9/Over 95 photographs

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Heritage Perspectives is a history column appearing in the North Bay Nugget newspaper’s regional supplement Community Voices. The column provides a perspective on a variety of topics from the past. Author and regional historian Doug Mackey has written some 370 Heritage Perspectives columns. He has included a variety of topics of interest to people in the Community Voices area and beyond.

This book is a selection of forty columns from the last decade capturing many of his favorite stories of people, places and events from the North Bay region. Over 95 photographs, maps and drawings enhance the stories and bring back memories of the early history of the people, communities and activities from the past.

Read about:
Tom Thomson
Grey Owl and Anahareo
Logging and lumbering
Trains and railways
Ship wrecks
Plane crashes
Lost villages
Northern life
War and veterans
And More

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[$19:95 CAN
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