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Logging by Rail in Algonquin Park

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The loads were brought down, one at a time, to the lake where they were joined together for the long haul across the lake to the railroad. 

A sprinkler tank was filled with water to be spread on the hauling roads to increase thickness and allow for a smoother run.

Horses were used to help start the loads which were pulled by a trucks and tractors. The Fassett Lumber corporation was progressive in their use of mechanization such as trucks and tractors. The company owned four Cletrac tractors which could haul significantly larger loads than teams of horses or trucks.
When the logs arrived steam log loaders added them to the thousands of logs already piled along the railway, awaiting the locomotive. Softwood and hardwood were placed in separate piles, sometimes extending two miles along the railway. The  Barnhart log loaders, had twenty five foot booms and could swing a full 360 degrees. These logs remained here  until they where needed by the mill.
The 75 ton, coal fired, Shay logging locomotive, number 54, one of two company locomotives, made daily trips throughout the year to supply the mill.

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